Saturday, May 30, 2009

I haven't written much for a while. Motivation can be elusive!

My friend Yvonne and I have been working with a variety of horses, not only some of ours, but outside horses which have been sent here by their owners. Mostly the job is to start them under saddle, occasionally we have a specific problem to solve.

One of the horses we worked on is the young Peruvian Paso mare Carisma NS. I actually bred her and sold her as a weanling to Sue and Len of Gunspring Peruvians. Carisma came here for starting and to address a little "bossiness" problem.

Yvonne and I took some video footage and posted it on youtube. Yvonne posted the link to my youtube video page on a couple of internet forums. The reaction was mixed, to put it mildly. While every video had an explanation of the background and the reason for what we did, and Yvonne explained it further on her lists, it was interesting to see just how many preconcieved ideas exist out there. It was astounding to see how differently people not only interpreted our actions, but the actual difference in WHAT they saw.

Some threw rotten eggs, some threw flowers. But that's the way it is. A topic for another day maybe.

Carisma went home, her owner no longer fear for their toes and we truly enjoyed working with her, as she is a lively intelligent young mare. Every horse I work with learns good stuff. And every horse I work with teaches me some good stuff, too.

Enjoy your horse!