Sunday, May 30, 2010

poor neglected blog...

It has been a little while since I last wrote here. Sorry :-)

As of February, I've been studying full time. Computer Science is fun, but there is a lot of extra work in addition to going to lectures, labs, and tutorials. A bunch of assigments for starters... Anyway, the first semester is just about over so I thought I might catch up with some horse stuff.

I have started a facebook group called "Paso!". If you are interested in Pasos, go in and have a look, there are a few interesting posts in the discussion areas now.

Occasionally, I manage to update our stud website, but there aren't a lot of updates to do because it's been pretty quiet at home. But have a look at .

Well, due to study commitments and with winter setting in, there hasn't been much training of young horses going on. While the weather was still good, we spent a bit of time on two of our Paso Creole geldings, Ron and Raffles, but we didn't quite finish and they are turned back out for the time being. Instead, we've been spending some time with Yvonne's youngsters Carlotta, Dacio and Samba. They were all started last year and are getting a bit of regular riding, weather and time permitting.

In the beginning, we always took out one experienced horse, usually Flamenca, and a green one, but of late we have gone to taking out two of the younger ones together. As they gain experience, that works pretty well. Also, we are extending our rides not only in distance, but in challenge. Instead of just quiet forest trails, we go up the road, picking areas with more houses, letterboxes, barking dogs, mini ponies, spotted screaming stallions etc. We had a couple of fun rides towards the Dereel CBD, letting the horses check out the fire trucks which usually get taken out and washed on weekends, as well as the scary bus shelter at the hall.

So there is plenty to keep the youngsters amused!

We only have one outside horse here, Nele's Icelandic mare Funa arrived yesterday. Pity it's so wet and windy today. There is just no way I'm going to be out there playing with horses...