Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the importance of having fun

Life is too short to always be serious. Life is also too short to try every form of entertainment and fun there is to be had. And some people enjoy doing things that don't excite me (squaredancing, bungee-jumping, mountain biking and that sort of thing spring to mind..)

I try to be broad minded and I want everyone to have fun. So my personal yard stick I apply to determine if something counts as a desirable activity (regardless of whether I like it) goes something like this:

Where one, two or more consenting beings enjoy an activity and entertain each other, and it's not at the detriment of other parties, it's good value. 

I don't care something of value is created, because the enjoyment in the activity itself is of imeasurable value. Fun and enjoyment are such a necessary part of life. Without it, a creature withers emotionally. Fun is balm for the soul.

As usual, you will ask - well, what does this have to do with horses?? As usual, it does!

There are countless ways in which we can interact with horses. Within the spectrum of what is good for the horse and person, there is room for many different ways of doing things. There is no one correct way to do things. One shoe doesn't fit all. No one method works for all horses or all people. It is good to try new things, to experiment, to keep the daily interaction live and interesting. And we must not forget to have fun.

So if someone thinks of ways to engage their horse, to have fun together and does it in a way you haven't seen, or don't normally do, should you encourage it? OH YES.

If there is no harm in it, but it challenges your view of the world, should you tolerate it? DAMN RIGHT.

If you would have never thought of it, and you can't take the credit for it, or you can't do it yourself, should you belittle it? OH NO, unless of course you are a stuck up, selfish ignoramus.

And here is a fabulous example of someone and her horse having fun. They didn't set out to study a liberty routine, it just happened, she's got her Mojo working ;-)

May I present for your viewing pleasure: Elyane and Mojo Man:

Of course, there is a little bit of pride involved here. You see, I bred Narrawin's Mojo Man. He's a purebred Saddlebred gelding, and a nice one, if I may say so myself...


chiantitrails Equitrekking said...

hi chris, what a lovely video. I just found your blog through your website... and having just moved back to aussie after many years in Italy working with horses, it was great to see a like minded person, and read her writing. I love this horse, he looks so calm and willing to follow. Nice work!

cy said...

Thanks for you comments. Yes, Mojo is a cool customer and my friend Elyane has a lot of fun with him.

What sort of work with horses did you do in Italy?

riza said...

hi chris...after I saw the video, looks so interesting for me...Nice work for you!