Sunday, April 15, 2012

you beaut new riding horse

Update on Rorion... We didn't do much during the week because I didn't have time. The only free morning I had was taken up by holding horses for the farrier. But yesterday, we took out Rorion for his first proper (if very short) ride on the road and into the forest.

He did fantastic. He is such a cool kid :-)  Here he is in perfect gait (s'cuse my chair seat...):

 Photo by Yvonne, who was riding Flamenca (hence the 'elevated' position of the photographer).

He never put a foot wrong and he's now going to have a good holiday to grow up some more. After all, he is only four and a half years old and by no means ready for continuous work. But I'm so happy with how he went and he'll be a breeze when we bring him in again in summer. That one might be a keeper.

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