Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trisha Wren Connected Riding clinic at Dereel

We were lucky to have Trisha over for another clinic in November, this time at Yvonne's place. While the weather was somewhat unkind, being unseasonally cold and wet, we managed ok and all had a great time.

Unlike last time, we mainly had local participants this time. But same as for the last clinic, we loaned some of our horses out, and Samba and Carlotta were on duty. I took Flamenca this time, while Yvonne worked with her new mare Bjoska NS.

Following the clinic, I had the opportunity to have a private session with Trisha. I asked her for some help in how to adjust some of my seat and balance aids, so that the cues I use to ask for gait can be more subtle and more in line with the Connected Riding posture. Yvonne took some video clips.

Trisha making postural adjustments - Yvonne

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