Thursday, November 18, 2010

winter impression with furry critters

On going through some photos, I came across this shot. I took that in August, when it was miserably cold and wet most of the time. It's a lovely photo, the way the boys are standing.

They are half brothers by Nattfari fra Vindholar (Icelandic). That's where the fuzzy-furryness comes from :-). Rorion (on the left) is out of VR Reina Real (Peruvian Paso), and the critter on the right is Hagar who is out of Scarlett, a.k.a. Wildmoor Firefall (American Saddlebred). Considering how different the mares are, the boys show an amazing similarity in the face. They literally have Nattfari written all over them! However, they move differently, and they have different body types.

Soon, they will be old enough to start, which I'm looking forward to. I started all their parents myself and I know these guys will be fun. I will post comparison pictures showing them in their summer coats, when I get a chance.

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