Thursday, November 18, 2010

working with horses

Due to horrible weather and a lot of work for uni, we haven't done much work with young horses recently. But stay tuned, that is about to change!!!

There are lots of youngsters here who are the right age, so there's a bagful of new ones to start, half started ones to finish and started ones to bring along further.

Now that I'm through with uni until March and we are due to have some sunny weather, I'm starting to think about it again. There are also two brand spanking new foals to work with. Pictures here.

Anyway, by chance I came across some photos that were taken a couple of years back while Yvonne and I were working with two Icelandic geldings from Haldane Stud. I was looking through the photos we took of each other working. Stirling and Glymir(Glimmer) are very different horses in temperament, although they are half brothers and look very similar. But what struck me about the photos is how harmonious the work looks.

Now I know it's not the done thing to pat myself on the shoulder and all that. But if I had to find a bunch of pictures which demonstrate what I'm about and what Yvonne is about, then this would have to be it. Here are a couple of the pictures.

 And plenty more can be found here.

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